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Management and efficient use of water resources
Technical support, maintenance and operation of water supply, distribution and sewerage system
Construction, reconstruction and replacement of water systems, supporting equipment and buildings’ equipment

Welcome to the official web site Yovkovtsi Ltd.

Welcome to the official web site Yovkovtsi Ltd.

Water supply and sewerage company Yovkovtsi Ltd. (WSSCY Ltd.) in its current structure serves approximately 300,000 people from nine municipalities – Veliko Tarnovo, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Elena, Lyaskovets, Zlataritsa, Pavlikeni, Polski Trambesh, Strazhitsa and Suhindol and also supplies municipality Dryanovo with purified water. The length of the water main supported by the company is 2,877 thousand meters (including 2299 thousand meters asbestos cement pipes). The length of sewerage is 279 thousand meters. WSSCY Ltd. has built DWTP (drinking water treatment plant) near the Yovkovtsi Reservoir from which the company draws water, WWTP [waste water treatment plant] in Veliko Tarnovo, WWTP in Gorna Oryahovitsa and 190 water pumping stations.

Water-supply of the territory that WSSCY Ltd. serves is carried out by the Yovkovtsi Reservoir as a surface water source and 346 units of water intake (drainage, reservoirs, wells and shafts).

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Laboratory services
Laboratory services
  • To carry out testing of drinking water, underground water, surface water, waste water
  • To carry out sampling of drinking water, underground water, surface water, waste water