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Water meters with remote reading

With Ordinance № 4/17.06.2005 on the design, construction and operation of building water supply and sewerage systems of 29/09/2005, art. 30, paragraph 2 entered into force the requirement central and individual water meters for hot and cold water for household needs for new buildings to be read remotely. It is necessary these meters to be included in the system for remote reading of the whole building, which was previously embedded in investment projects in water-supply as part of the documentation of the sites. These indicated projects should be coordinated with WSSCY Ltd. Veliko Tarnovo. Implementation of systems for remote reading is a responsibility of the investors of the building and includes installation of the approved water meters, their necessary equipment, installation of floor and general concentrators and more. The adoption of the sites with Act № 16 requires the systems for remote reading of water meters to be completed in compliance with the regulation, thus ensuring normal operation.

For designers who prepare investment projects for part “Water” of buildings, if necessary WSSCY Ltd. Veliko Tarnovo provide relevant guidance in choosing the correct system for remote reading, which will be operated.