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Check of water meters.

Under Bulgarian law, individual water meters of capacity below 30 m³ are checked for accuracy every five years, and those of capacity exceeding 30m ³ - every two years. Metrological inspection of water meters is made in licensed laboratories.

Water meters can be removed for repair only by an employee of our company who prepares a written statement for dismantling including data for the water meter serial number and its indications. The written statement shall be made in duplicate and signed by the subscriber and our representative. After each check and repair of plumbing fixture and water meters the hollander is sealed by representatives of WSSCY Ltd. All operations carried out without the knowledge of "RWC" are considered a violation.

The condition of the water meter is monitored by our collectors, who after passing for the monthly reading provide information on damaged water meters. If the subscriber doubts the condition of the meter, he may apply to the Bulgarian Institute of Metrology with address in Veliko Tarnovo, 1 Chumerna Str.